Tico Lingo

Tico Lingo, a Spanish language school situated in the heart of Costa Rica, offers ultra-customizable programs for all levels of Spanish speakers. Embracing a philosophy rooted in lived experience, the school advocates for an immersive approach to mastering the Spanish language. Given the possible intricacies of programs, we recognized the need for clarity when communicating to new interest. In response, we crafted a website, brand guidelines, and design system prioritizing a seamless user navigation, global cohesive look, and engaging user experience.
Claire Rosas
Josh Miller
Art Director & Product Designer
What We Did
User Journey
Competitive Analysis
Web Design
Brand Guidelines
Design System

Tico Lingo's website redesign focused on enhancing user experience and driving conversions by:

  • Streamlining sign-up process and clarifying program offerings.
  • Mobile first approach informed by highest usage rates mobile traffic.
  • Implementing SEO best practices to improve organic visibility.
  • Crafting content strategy to provide valuable information.
  • Maintain user engagement through stunning visuals and interaction.
Group of students walking through the streets of Heredia, Costa Rica
Tico Lingo brand assets

Utilizing the updated look and feel, we developed a design system to fill gaps in layout types and functionality through a flexible component library. We defined color, typography, spacing, photography, motion and more to ensure a consistent and compelling experience. The system empowers efficiency at scale as the site grows.

Laptop sitting on table showcasing the Tico Lingo camps page
Visual of spacing guide
Tico Lingo design system

Tico Lingo's brand seamlessly weaves together textures and vibrant photography, providing a glimpse into a student's POV while being fully immersed Costa Rican culture. The use of dynamic typography and lively "Translations" sections mirrors the energy and excitement of language learning. Drawing inspiration from Costa Rican heritage, warm and earthy colors fill out the design, while the inclusion of rounded corners imparts a gentle and inviting atmosphere for newcomers.

Tico Lingo Brand guidelines (document)Tote bag with slogan on it
Smart phone with social media feed (Instagram)
Instagram post showcasing Tico Lingo camp videos
Set of 3 postcards