Below are just a few examples of tinkering & rapid prototyping, a process used to understand “things” at an atomic level. This iterative method leads to a better understanding of complex problems and thus producing more creative, purpose-driven projects not limited to a glowing rectangle.
Laser cutting fabric for the flag design of an alternate world
Testing the “Hologram” used in our Typeforce 11 showcase, “Worldbuilding: Fictional Nations”
Prototyping a custom robotic casing to be 3D printed
The collaborative layout of "100%", a peer-lead gallery show initiated and directed during my time as DePaul AIGA president
Removing Barbie’s shoulder to make space for a servomotor controlling vertical arm movement
Testing a prototype of Arduino-powered LED lights, equipped with a proximity sensor to adjust brightness according to the distance of nearby objects
Skin graft prop made from a laminated lysol wipe
A speculative fiction publication exploring the branding of alternate futures
Documenting & user-testing Mariah App's augmented reality feature (geolocation) at Shakespeare's Globe in London, England
Prototype of "Road Rage Ruby": a satirical self-driving doll programmed to curse and wield a butcher knife upon impact with other objects
Documenting & user-testing Mariah App's augmented reality feature (geolocation) feature at the Lourve in Paris, France.
Wren Lively testing the functionality of sensor-enabled LED Podiums
Collaborative note taking session in Oslo, Norway with Caroline Schlegel
A sketch showcasing an interactive wall concept designed to adapt to the user's proximity to the wall—pitched to Lam Research's new Malaysian office
A train sketch for on-the-go and rapid communication
Low fidelity prototype of our Typeforce 11 exhibition used to determine placement & setup
Hot dog made from post-it notes as seen from State Street in Chicago, IL
LED-powered, laser cut, color-changing alternate-world “flag” made for Miguel Perez’s study on a futuristic afterlife in his exhibition at Typeforce 11
Interior view of hot dog post-it note mural
100% design showcase team
Build of a custom typeface celebrating wonky shapes & letters