Lam Research

In the ever-evolving semiconductor industry, Lam Research found itself at a pivotal moment—an urgent need to reposition its brand amidst a global semiconductor shortage. Renowned as a global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services, Lam recognized the critical importance of standing out in a field overshadowed by scarcity and competition.
Our mission was clear: distill Lam's strengths into a visual language that transcended the challenges while resonating globally. Lam doesn't just promise; it delivers, even amid unprecedented disruptions.
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Graphic Designer
Marcom Platinum: Brand Transformation
Marcom Platinum: ESG Report
What We Did
Brand Guidelines
Visual Identity
Facility Guidelines
ESG Report
Motion Storyboarding

Drawing from the intricacies of semiconductor wafers’ textures, we crafted refined brand guidelines that exudes Lam’s commitment to the continuous progress of innovation. Sophisticated use of the circular motif paired with thin line weight and a flexible color palette reinforce Lam’s visual narrative of scale, precision, and technicality. Most importantly, the identity reflects how Lam effectively communicates its approach to tackling challenges with resilience.

Across ESG reports, robust facility guidelines, stationery, recruitment materials, social media graphics, and trade shows, every detail has received thoughtful consideration. Lam's new visual identity is not merely a response; it symbolizes a strategic pivot, crafted to enhance awareness in a high-demand market.

In 2021, the brand extended to the design of the new Malaysian and South Korean facilities, ensuring a cohesive integration of the rebranding strategy. Lam Research's graphic evolution is a resilient step into the future, where possibilities aren’t just explored—they’re defined.