Bigtincan offers its customers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered sales enablement products. Following several years of rapid growth, a brand overhaul was essential to maintain consistent company messaging. We implemented a new, ambitious brand that not only helped reposition Bigtincan as an industry leader but also resonated with investors and clarified its overall product communication.
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Bigtincan elevate’s its brand application when communicating their delivery of “the buying experience of the future” through their unified sales enablement platform. This is visually represented by the 'future emblem,' symbolizing interconnected hubs and unlimited possibilities. It is paired with a limited usage of the color palette, and dyanamic gradients.

The intricate details of the company's offerings were simplified into easily understandable formats, including informational graphics, videos, and live events. These initiatives served the dual purpose of educating customers and directly engaging investor audiences. Live events featured product demonstrations and highlighted the company's offerings, effectively communicating its value proposition to investors.